First Presbyterian Church’s Student Ministry department needed to brand their new summer camp. The camp is for both the middle school and high school programs, so I created an identity that integrates parts of the both programs’ logos.





Direct mail piece advertising  Lake Baldwin Church’s Easter services.

This logo was designed for a new counseling practice in Savannah. Georgia.


First Presbyterian Church of Orlando’s Student Ministry department requested new logos for their Wednesday night programs. I came up with two distinct, yet related logos.

The Cathedral Church of Saint Luke in downtown Orlando commissioned me to design a bulletin to use during their new Sunday night service.


I could not WAIT to get my hands on this project. The leader of the band The Separate contacted me about an album that needed package design. What was so unique about this project is that it is a concept album, meaning the songs weave together to tell a single story. The story is actually a true story based around a Swedish arctic explorer from the late 1800s.  He thought he could reach the North Pole before anyone else — using a hydrogen balloon. He spent years preparing but he overlooked a number of things which should have made him halt the expedition. It ended in failure, with the balloon crashing and he and his companions eventually dying in the arctic wilderness. The album focuses on the vanity of human pride and blind ambition.

What was exciting to me as a designer is that there are real photos of the expedition — found on a camera from amongst the bodies of the explorers. I collaged these striking photos with elements of more modern design. The front of the album shows a hopeful takeoff, while the back displays the horrific crash.


Lake Baldwin Church asked me to design an infographic that would easily convey the church’s four-part vision. The composition with the logo in the middle and arrows radiating outward displays how LBC is interested in sending people outward — a missional approach to ministry.


Christ Community Church consulted me about their logo. I loved the logo mark, but that font had to go! I added a more modern font, cleaned up the mark, created a custom pattern using the mark, and designed business cards.


Christ Community Church needed a weekly bulletin that they could update. I designed the bulletin, complete with an editable Pages template that the staff could easily manipulate each week.





This gorgeous couple commissioned me to do a custom illustration and design for their wedding invitation. Since they were married in the heat of July, I also designed fans in lieu of the typical wedding program.

Client: Scott Schwertly

Scott Schwertly’s first book How to Be a Presentation God was released internationally by Wiley in February 2011. The book covers presentation design, content and delivery secrets. I did all of the interior illustrations including 12 unique hand drawn “villains” to complement the superhero theme of the book. I also designed the layout of the book, and Wiley loved it enough to use it!

Want a peak inside the book? Check out Amazon’s “Click to look inside” feature HERE.

Client: Ethos3 Communications & Six Voices

Ethos3 gave me these 60 presentation tips to use for a new iPhone app. I designed the app and Six Voices programmed it. Once on iTunes, it jumped to the top 20 of the business apps in it’s first week!

Want to see for yourself?

Client: Digigraph Design

My company wanted a postcard that captured our “quirkiness” and showed what we do on any given day from 9–5. I used only circular images to symbolize a routine and relate to the face of a clock.

Client: Ethos3 Communications

Ethos3 was in desperate need of a facelift. Using their beloved mascot (we call him “mustache guy”), I gave them a quirky, yet professional identity. Ethos3’s clients LOVE the Ethos3 brand’s personality.

Client: Devils Tower National Monument (National Park Service)

Devils Tower requested a special centennial logo to be placed on their entrance sign for a year. I illustrated the monument based on a previously- designed sketch. Then I designed a logo that would be applied to the main entrance sign. The logo had to accommodate large sizes for signage as well as small sizes for pins and mugs.

Client: Cool Hand Luke

What a fun, collaborative project. The band Cool Hand Luke was releasing their final album, and asked me to design the identity, packaging, website, webstore, and social media outlets. The album tells the story of Jesus’ final days, with each song from the perspective of a different person in His life. The album has a very emotionally raw, human feel. So I decided to carry that “human” element over into the artwork.

I contracted an illustrator and a letterpress printing company. The illustrator did dozens of paintings and sketches, showing different emotions to represent the people on the album. I got to work with a letterpress printer for the first time (a what?), and I learned a lot from that experience. We met several times to dream and see what was possible. The final packaging was very inexpensive, but very unique. The website I designed was a huge success, reaching over 10,000 hits in less than 2 months!
Motion Design: album trailer video

This is a promo aimed at piquing interest for the band Cool Hand Luke’s highly anticipated last release OF MAN. It was completed in AfterEffects, one of my favorite programs.

Client: Personal Study

My task was to depict items associated with music from the last 50 years. As I began to study the objects, I noticed that they were mainly comprised of circles and rounded rectangles. I exaggerated that in the icons. Also, the circles give the icons a digital, pixilated feel.

Client: Mark + Brandy Nicks

Here is a peek at my wedding invite! I hand drew things that were important to my husband and I and hid them within the design. With the marriage of a graphic designer and a musician, it had to be a creative event!

Client: Ethos3 Communications

Ethos3 developed the fictional story of Ernie, and I made it come to life! Using my own photography and illustration, I created a thirty slide presentation. The full presentation can be seen here.

Client: Celebrity Thrift

Celebrity Thrift takes celebrities’ old clothing and accessories and auctions them for charity. The owner wanted a classy vintage feel for their branding. I led a design team to create this identity, including illustrated characters, an icon system, and patterns. The box is a custom self-mailer sent to celebrities. It contains a letter, brochure, business card, and custom mailer bag. Celebrities are able to put their donated clothing and accessories in the bag and mail it back to Celebrity Thrift. In a sea of standard business cards and junk mail, the die-cut card and box stand out.

Client: SlideMagnet

SlideMagnet is the sideproject of Ethos3 Communications and is a one stop shop for anything you need to know about presentations and public speaking. They desired for their identity to be similar, but not identical to the new Ethos3 logo I designed.

Client: Cool Hand Luke

This is a pen and ink illustration I did for Cool Hand Luke’s album Live at the Brown Owl. The Brown Owl is a recording studio in Nashville, Tennessee.

Client: Hillsboro Presbyterian Church

Instead of a typical tri-fold brochure, I wanted the first time visitors of the church to receive a more engaging piece of design. The backs of the cards can be arranged like a puzzle to create Hillsboro’s logo.

Client: Hillsboro Presbyterian Church

HPC’s defining characteristics are the beautiful stained glass and the diversity of the people. The logo is based on those two characteristics. Since the printer is a member of the church, I was able be creative with the visitor folder’s production at a low cost. A sheet of vellum rests behind the die-cut flame.

Client: Eastside Christian Church

“Stories You Didn’t Hear in Sunday School” was a sermon series about some of the more risqué stories of the bible: David & his affair, Noah & his drinking problem, Hosea & his prostitute wife, etc. I made 6 large scenes out of felt  (”flannelgraphs”), and the speakers taught with them Sunday School style!

National Park Service

These are selections from some of the various parks I worked for. The designs are based on Vignelli’s famous UniGuide system. Sometimes parks requested several hundred signs at a time (Gettysburg, Everglades, and Great Smoky Mountain parks for example). For those projects, I was entrusted to manage other designers, teaching them new software and design standards for each sign type. The above photo is me showing off the sign I designed!

Client: None

My husband and I have always enjoyed the funny little dance that mockingbirds do. I used pen and ink to draw the birds and added watercolor. I found vintage paper, lace, & beads and made a 3 collages with a bird on each.

Client: Personal Study

My objective here was to make a composition that included a transition from white to black using letterforms. The letters were cut out from sources such as magazine and flyers, and glued to paper.

Client: 417 Union

417 Union wanted to reinvent the branding of the restaurant in a style that matched their décor, which is reminiscent of an upscale 40’s soda shop. I worked with the owner to come up with a logo, menu, and various other print and electronic media.

Client: Personal Study

The theme of the cd centers around a quote: “I fought against myself and tore myself to pieces.” I wanted to play off that theme and set the tone, so I used torn edges and a handwritten-type font. The left pocket contains the cd and the right contains the lyrics and album information on torn paper. I shot my own photography for the project. I found a crumbling sculpture of a person laying outside of a ceramics studio among many other rejected pieces and thought it would go perfectly with the theme of the album.

Client: Eastside Christian Church

When I’m not designing for a job, I like to do volunteer design for other organizations such as my church. That is how I know that design is my passion and not just a career choice. These pieces are for a message series called “Juicy Fruit” dealing with the nine fruits of the spirit.

Client: Personal Study

This photograph captures motion in a non-traditional sense. It is not a multiple exposure; it is a thirty-second exposure (with ten seconds in each pose) using only a flashlight as the light source. The enter process from developing the negatives to developing the photo was done in a traditional darkroom.

Client: Shearer’s

Shearer’s wanted a logo that would be included on many of their product lines. The logo maintains the Shearer’s identity while conveying “sunflower” and “oil” in one image. Two versions were made: one process and one spot to accommodate either printing method.